Varagu Elumichai Saadham / Kodo Millet Lemon Rice

Normally I cook millets and have them with curry and vegetables. But for a change tried variety rice. It was very nice. I have used Kodo millet here, but any other small millet can be used. Peanuts are optional, but they add to the crunch.


Varagu Elumichai Saadham / Kodo Millet Lemon Rice

1 cup varagu
1 large lemon
Salt as required
1/4 tsp turmeric
1 green chilly chopped finely
Few curry leaves
1/2 tsp mustard
1/2 tsp urad dhal
1 tsp gram dhal
1 tbsp peanuts (optional)
3 tbsp gingelly oil
A pinch of asafoetida

1. Clean the millet, wash and cook in a pan with 2 cups water, so that the grains are separate. Be nearby, it will be done in 5 minutes.
2. Cool the cooked millet in a large plate with 1 tbsp of gingelly oil.
3. Squeeze the juice from one lemon and remove the seeds. To this add salt and turmeric.
4. In a pan, heat oil. Add mustard, urad dhal, gram dhal and peanuts. Add a pinch of asafoetida.
5. Now add chopped green chilly and curry leaves to the pan.
6. Pour this tempering over the cooled millet and add the lemon juice mix.
7. Mix well to get a uniform mix. Adjust salt if required.
8. Serve with choice of chips or vadaams.


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Varagu Ulundhu Saadham / Barnyard Millet Urad Dhal Rice

Varagu-ulundhu Saadham

I tried replacing normal rice with varagu in this recipe. It was tastier than the regular uluntham paruppu saadham.

I used 2 cups varagu and 1 cup black urad dhal . All the other ingredients and method are same as in my recipe of uluntham paruppu saadham. It is served with aviyal / vendakkai pachadi and ellu thuvaiyal.


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Varagu Arisi Dosai/Kodo millet dosai

Varagu arisi is one of the important millets, which has a low glycemic index. It is supposed to prevent diabetes if used regularly. I see it marketed in many of the supermarkets as antidiabetic rice. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I had got some varagu arisi from DH’s native place. I had read in kumudam health magazine that it can be cooked like regular rice or made into batter to make dosa. Since DH loves dosa varieties I made dosa with it. It more or less tasted like regular rice dosa with a faint nutty flavour.It soaked very quickly also. I used it with urad dhal in the ratio of 4:1 and I was able to make thin crispy dosas.Even my two year old loved it. I served this with kadalai chutney.



Varagu Arisi Dosai/Kodo millet dosai


4 cups varagu arisi/kodo millet

1 cup urad dhal

1/2 tsp fengreek seeds

salt to taste



  1. Clean and soak varagu arisi for an hour or two.
  2. Soak urad dhal separately with fenugreek seeds.
  3. Grind the dhal and rice separately .
  4. Mix them together with the required salt and allow it to ferment for 8 hours or overnight.
  5. Make soft idlies or crispy dosa. Serve with chutney of your choice.

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