My blog featured in snehidhi

Hi friends, I am happy to share the news that my blog has been featured in current issue of kumudham snehidhi dated 14 may 2015…food special issue..under the heading   blogil kalakkum samaiyal ranigal…thank you wonderful people for all your support.

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My blog baby’s first birthday:)

Hurray! July 31 was my blog baby’s first birthday….

  • Thank you Karthi for giving me the push to start my own food blog , christening it and for helping with the photos.
  • Thank you Raju for loving my cooking experiments and helping with the photos.
  • Thank you Amma and Athai for sharing your wonderful recipes.
  • Thank you blogger friends for your encouragements and comments.
  • Made  a simple and sweet dish – Aval Payasam to celebrate this..will share it soon:)

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Blessed with a baby girl :)

Blessed with a baby girl on may 6, on the auspicious day of Akshaya trithiyai. Me and baby doing well.

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