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Few months ago I read an article in THE HINDU Sunday edition, titled the  hidden truth. This article was really an eye opener for  me regarding how much hidden sugar we intake every day. This article also quoted about Jill Escher, author of farewell club perma-chub . She has a blog called .  I was curious , went online and read more about Jill Escher and addiction to white sugar. It talks about the addictive biochemical nature of whote sugar, the politics and lobbying involved in white sugar market, how white sugar is responsible for obesity, how much hidden sugar is present in processed foods and how to get deaddicted from white sugar. It says that sugar addiction has a similar pattern to drug addiction pattern. This  blog also has links for other sugar related blogs and books.

For further readings..

To say I was impressed is an understatement. Already we have been trying to cut out white sugar from our home. This article inspired me to do better. Jill says, IF IT HAS A LABEL IT IS NOT ON MY TABLE. How very true..If we make a recipe at home we know what goes into it, but not so in processed foods. A question might arise that white sugar is derived from sugarcane—so why is n’t healthy? The final product (white sugar) is altered so much(with the help of harmful chemicals) from the original source that it doesn’t retain the goodness of the original source. If you any other questions Jill answers that.

There is one more person who writes about food and health. He is Siddha maruthuvar Dr.Sivaraman, who writes regularly in ananda vikatan and was earlier writing in kumudam health. His recent series AARAM THINAI in vikatan is amazing. He explains about the food, cooking practices, life style, child rearing and agricultural practices of our ancestors. I learn something new from every article of his. Last week he had written about the harms of white sugar and the benefits of jaggery and palm jaggery over white sugar. I am glad that these people are trying to create awareness about health, food and lifestyle.

I also want to do something regarding this. From now THIS BLOG WILL BE WHITE SUGAR FREE.

Already we have cut out white sugar from home as far as possible, I make palm jaggery coffee in the morning, evening I make tea with jaggery and for juices I add honey. For the past 2 months white sugar has not been on my grocery list J I have restricted sweets made of sugar. And we don’t use processed food at home. Our ancestors didn’t abstain themselves from sugar. They enjoyed sweets made from jaggery and palm jaggery. They didn’t use processed foods. They didn’t use artificial sweeteners like aspartame, which have the potential to cause cancer. They lived healthily and didn’t suffer from the so called diseases of civilization like…diabetes, obesity etc.

From now on I vow not to use white sugar in any recipe in my blog. I will learn to make sweets using jaggery and palm jaggery, and teach my friends too. This Diwali I plan to make sweets with out using white sugar. Will keep you posted…


October 11, 2013. Tags: . Antidiabetic recipe, Healthy Recipe, white sugar free.


  1. Sita R. replied:

    Dr. Vijaya Venkat of Health Awareness Centre, Dadar, Mumbai, advises against using white sugar, milk, maida. U will get recipes using the least oil and healthy ingredients. Thanks to you Chef Hema for sharing your views. Good health to everyone!! Sita

  2. Mohan replied:

    Thank you for ur valuable information

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