Vellai Chola Dosai/Jowar Dosai

I have already mentioned about the health benefits of millets in my post on kudhiraivali arisi/barnyard millet rice.

Jowar or vellai cholam is a crop native to Africa and later spread to Asian countries.

Its health benefits are

*gluten free

*high protein content

*good source of dietary fibre, iron, phosphorous and thiamine

*high in antioxidants-reduces risk of cancer, diabetes and heart diseases

*low glycemic index-gets digested slowly and gives sated feeling

Dosas are a tasty way of cooking millets. Any millet can be made into a dosa and had with choice of chutneys.

DSC_0294 (1024x681)

Vellai Chola Dosai/Jowar Dosai


4 cups jowar/vellai cholam

1 cup urad dhal

½ tsp methi seeds

salt as required


  1. Soak jowar separately and urad dhal+methi seeds separately for 3-4 hours.
  2. Grind each separately into a smooth batter as you will for regular idli/dosa.
  3. Mix both batters together with required salt and allow to ferment overnight or eight hours.
  4. Make crispy or soft dosas. Tastes best with milagai-poondu chutney or vadaga chutney.

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  1. Radha replied:

    How much urad dal? it doesn’t say.

  2. Radha replied:

    Do you use whole unskinned not split, I hear whole is better than split?
    Or urad with skin?
    What some do is soak the urad with skin, then rub the skin off. Not sure what they did with those skins.

    • hema replied:

      Currently I am using whole white urad dhal for all my regular idly and dosa.
      I use whole unskinned black urad dhal for karuppu ulundhu dosai and split black urad dhal for ulundham paruppu saadham.
      Ya , definitely unskinned dhall is better and healthy, I am yet to use it all my dosa, But you can try it..

    • hema replied:

      People soaked and rubbed the skin off, because they were obsessed with white colour idlis and dosas. Some still are..

  3. Hemalatha replied:

    today i tried same recipe first time taste is very gud i like very much

  4. Suseela replied:

    Nice receipts. How to use thinking or garage powder for dosas .Please advice

  5. Suseela replied:

    Can I use millet powders if so how ?

    • hema replied:

      Yes you use millet powders/ flour. Soak 1 cup urad dhal and grind it into a batter, add 5-6 cups of millet flour to the urad dhal batter along with required water and salt and allow to ferment. Check my ragi dosa recipe, which is done by above method.

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