Ragi Dosai/Fingermillet Dosai– Easy method

For this easy way of making ragi dosa we need to prepare ragi flour first. Alternatively one can use store bought flour too.

Ragi grains might contain sand particles, so they need to be washed several times in water to remove the impurities. Then ragi is drained and dried in the sun. After which it is made into flour in the mill.

Using urad dhal batter helps in getting a soft dosa compared to using ragi flour alone. Even ragi idlies can be made with this batter.

Health benefits of ragi

*Rich in calcium and iron: good for women and kids, especially pregnant women, lactatating women and growing kids. It is one of the early weaning food for a baby. Mothers who dont have enough breast milk can give ragi porridge to babies, which gives almost all the nutrients as in breast milk.

*helps in weight loss due to low glycemic index

*good source of fibre and lowers cholesterol

*good for diabetes patients

*Ragi porridge is a great cooling food in summer, when taken with buttermilk and shallots.

DSC_0329 (800x532)

Ragi Dosai/Fingermillet dosai – Easy method


1 cup urad dhal

¼ tsp methi seeds

5-6 cups ragi flour

Salt as required


  1. Soak the urad dhal for 1-2 hours along with the methi seeds and grind it to a smooth batter.
  2. Add water to the ragi flour to attain a thick batter consistency.
  3. Mix the two batters together with required salt and allow to ferment for 8 hours or overnight.
  4. Make dosas the next day-crispy or soft. Tastes best with raw onion chutney or milagai-poondu chutney or even with idly milagai podi.

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  1. Radha replied:

    Do you use rock salt? How much commercial salt should we use, how much rock salt. I have no idea what is a general amount.
    How to make porridge with no clumps?

  2. Radha replied:

    Do they soak the ragi and for how long?

    I tried using ragi flour pre made but after using items are gritty, dry, and overly dark red as if its old. I assume you grind yours fresh?

  3. Radha replied:

    ALL Your dosais look perfect, soft and airy, like a sponge. What are your tips, tricks etc?

    • hema replied:

      Nothing very special, rice/ millet : urad dhal in the ratio of 4:1. When I feel that the urad dhal is not very good/ less in quantity I add a tsp of fenugreek seeds.
      While making dosas, If I want them spongy, I steam and cook them on one side, basically like idly i.e. I pour 2 ladles of batter on the iron tawa, spread it thick, keep the flame in medium and cover it with a lid. The under side of dosa is cooked from the heat of the tawa, the top side is steamed and soft. The dosa is ready, when you open the lid and touch it, and it does not stick to your fingers. learnt the trick from MIL. You can make soft dosas this way, even when you feel the batter is sticky…

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