Kudhiraivaali Arisi Saadham / Barnyard Millet Rice

Millets are a store house of nutrients. They are rich in iron, calcium and other minerals. In old times these were used predominantly compared to the regular paddy rice. They are the reasons for the strength and immunity of the previous generations. Most of the millets have a low glycemic index and can give you a sense of satiety. They reduce the possibility of getting diabetes. They are also gluten free. They are short term crops and give a quick yield even with less water supply. They can easily survive droughts. But nowadays the farmers have given up millet production because of the low demand.But nowadays I read a lot of articles in magazines about the health benefits of millets. I also learned about other millets like barnyard millet(kudhiraivali), foxtail millet(thinai), kodo millet(varagu),little millet( saamai) etc.,Especially in kumudham health magazine.

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My mom has regularly used ragi/finger millet from my childhood days. My MIL also uses ragi along with other millets like kambu/Bajra and Jowar/ Vellai Cholam. But I also wanted to try out the other millets. So when I went to Virudhunagar last month I got 1 kg of kudhiraivaali arisi and varagu arisi each. They both looked kind of similar to each other, small pale white grains similar in size to ragi. I have read that these grains can be cooked similar to rice and served with kuzhambu or rasam. Alternatively they can be ground to a batter and made dosa. I tried making kudhiraivali saadham and varagu dosai. Both turned out very good. Both these grains cooked very fast…like 5-7 minutes in pressure cooker.

Now to the recipe….

kudhiraivaali arisi

Kudhiraivaali Arisi Saadham/Barnyard Millet Rice


1 cup kudhiraivaali rice

2 cups water



  1. Clean the rice.
  2. Cook it in a open pan or pressure cooker for 5-7 minutes. I added 2 cups water which yielded softly cooked rice. If you want the grains separate, you can reduce the quantity of water.
  3. Serve with curry of your choice. I served this with poruthanni and kothamalli thuvaiyal. I found that this was more filling to my tummy than the regular rice. I have planned to buy more and try other recipes with this.

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