Ulundham Paruppu Saadham/Urad Dhal Rice

This is again a recipe from the nellai saiva pillai household. Ulundham paruppu saadham is traditionally made when a girl attains puberty. The young girl is made to take oil bath and later fed this nutritious and tasty dish. I have already mentioned, in one of my older posts about the health benefits of urad dhal. Unhusked urad dhal reportedly strengthens the pelvic bones of a girl. So when a girl attains puberty, in the days following she is fed a lot of urad dhal recipes like ulundhu vadai, ulundhan kali, ulundhan kanji, ulundham paruppu saadham etc. Female relatives i.e. Athai, Chithi and Periamma of the young girl take turns to make such dishes in liberal quantities, which is then consumed by everyone and also distributed to the neighbouring households (I guess that the girl is just an excuse ). Ulundham paruppu saadham can be prepared and eaten on any occasion, but is typically made during above mentioned times and also during saturdays after taking an oil bath. It is typically served with ellu thuvaiyal and/Karuppati with gingelly oil, with aviyal and/vendakkai pachadi and appalam. The first course of the hot rice is mixed with gingelly oil and tasted with karuppati (palm jaggery). If you don’t like the sweet version you can straight away go to the second course ,which is rice mixed with ellu thuvaiyal and gingelly oil and eaten with aviyal/vendakkai pachadi and appalam. The third course is the same rice mixed with curd/buttermilk and tasted with ellu thuvaiyal. Try this recipe. It is definitely different, but worth it.

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Ulundham Paruppu Saadham


4 cups boiled rice

1 to 1 ½ cup split black urad dhal

½ tsp fenugreek seeds

10 -15 no garlic flakes

1 cup shredded coconut

Salt- a little less than required


Method :

  1. Wash and clean urad dhal and rice separately.
  2. In a pan dry roast the urad dhal and fenugreek till you get a nice aroma. Keep aside.
  3. Now roast the shredded coconut separately.
  4. Put rice, roasted coconut, roasted urad dhal and fenugreek, garlic flakes, salt everything together along with triple the quantity of water( 15 cups) and pressure cook till the rice is well cooked. Alternatively the rice can be cooked in the traditional method of cooking in a big open pan.
  5. Taste ulundham paruppu saadham with ellu thuvaiyal, aviyal/vendakkai pachadi and appalam.

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    romba nalla iruku..Ongoing event ” Party snacks”,more detais : http://en-iniyaillam.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/party-snacks-event-announcement.html

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