Ulundhu Vadagam

When you miss vathal/vadagam making in summer season, sun god gives you a second chance during the tamil month of Purattasi (sep-oct). We decided to make hay sorry! make vadagam while the sun shines during this season…

This ulundhu vadagam is a very simple recipe and does not take much preparation time . I learnt this from my MIL and this is again a specialty of chetti households. This is kind of a sun dried version of urad dhal vada.











Ulundhu Vadagam


1 cup urad dhal

1 tsp jeera

5-6 flakes of garlic

Salt to taste


  1. Soak the urad dhal for 20-30 minutes.
  2. Grind into a smooth batter with jeera, garlic and salt. (consistency similar to vada batter)
  3. On a clean white cloth spread on a plate, drop the batter with your hand into small vadagams.
  4. Dry well in the sun. 3-4 days is sufficient.
  5. Store in a clean airtight container and use when required.
  6.  This is deep fried and added in kuzhambu like puli illa kuzhambu and uppu saaru at our home. When added to the kuzhambu it absorbs water and tastes more or less similar to urad dhal vada.

September 30, 2011. Tags: , , . chetti veetu samaiyal, Vathal/Vadagam.


  1. Purnima replied:

    Good job..Usually we don’t get to see Vathal recipes in websites.. It will be helpfull for people who wants to try this..

    • hema replied:

      Thank you Purnima 🙂 Will Try to post some more Vathal recipes in the future 🙂

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