Kurunai Dosai/Mulu Ulundhu Dosai/Whole Black Gram Dhal Dosa

This is a speciality from my mom’s cuisine. This is recipe is a regular in many of the pillaimar households. This recipe uses whole black gram with its skin intact instead of  the white deskinned one to make dosa. In olden days, when the reap from the fields used to come home, only the broken black gram was used for the dosa and whole ones are deskinned for regular idly/dosa. And hence the name “Kurunai Dosai”. My  grandma also calls it “Karutha Dosai” because of its greyish black hue.

The  batter preparetion is similar to regular dosa. But this Dosa tastes very different from the regular dosa and is healthy too because of the whole grams. Taste it to believe it…

Posting this recipe for ‘show me your dosa’ event hosted by Divya of Dilse.

Also sending this recipe to “Food palette series Black” hosted by Torviewtoronto.

Kurunai Dosai/Mulu Ulundhu Dosai/Whole Black Gram Dhal Dosa


4 cups boiled rice

1 cup of black urad dhal

1/2 spoon fenugreek  seeds (optional)

salt as required


  1. Soak the rice and dhal for 3-4 hours separately.
  2.  First grind the dhal into smooth batter.
  3. Next grind the rice into a fine consistency.
  4. Mix both and add required salt. Allow the batter to ferment overnight.
  5. Next morning make dosas in the dosa griddle. These dosas taste good when made either soft or crispy.
  6. The ideal combination is vengaya thuvaiyal or vadaga thuvaiyal.

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  1. torviewtoronto replied:

    delicious dosa looks wonderful
    thank you for linking at food palette series black

  2. Radha replied:

    Why we always used the skinned dal and not this whole unskinned one? Is it not safe to eat all the time? Even when we temper why we used only split skinned dal and not whole?

    Would like to know more whole grains and whole dal dishes from you.

  3. maggie replied:

    Do I understand correctly that dhal is some sort of bean, like mung bean perhaps? Where can you get this dhal?

    • hema replied:

      Yes Maggie, dhal is a type of legume.This will we available in indian stores

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