Beetroot Soup – Created and tasted

Long time, no post – I was down with cold and cough for more than a week and then we had a small function at home. I feel drained out. A ping back reminded me about the taste and create event which I had long forgotten. I have been partnered with Corina of Searching for spice. As I visited her blog I found that she too is a new blogger and likes to try out different recipes ( just like me ). She has an interesting collection of recipes ranging from Mexican, Moroccan, Asian, Thai and Chinese.My options were kind of limited – as I am a pure vegetarian and many of Corina’s recipes were non-vegetarian.I finally decided to make her beetroot soup. It is a very quick and simple recipe.The only modification I made is that I added water instead of chicken stock. Looks like my consistency was a bit more watery than the original recipe.The soup was great.I totally loved the creamy taste and it was quite filling too.Will definitely make it again.Thank you Corina 🙂 I would also like to try out her spicy tomato pasta and Thai curry  ( vegetarian version ).

I would like to thank Corina for trying out a recipe from my blog and for her kind words.I would also like to thank Myamii for hosting this wonderful event taste and create which gives us opportunity to look into new food blogs.

This recipe was originally tried for the Taste and create XXXV event. But I would also like to send this as an entry to Healing foods – beetroot event started by Siri “only” event:low oil/low calorie event started by Pari and both hosted by Priya of mharo rajasthan’s recipes.

I would like to say a few words about Priya here.I am amazed at the frequency at which she publishes new posts.She tries out a lot of new recipes, tries recipes from fellow bloggers,hosts events and is a regular participant in events.Hats off to you Priya!

I am also sending this recipe to Dish name starts with:B hosted by Akila of Akila’s kitchen.

Beetroot Soup


2 medium size beetroots

1 medium size onion

1 small carrot

2 garlic flakes

1/2 tsp oil

1/2 tsp cumin seeds

salt and pepper to taste


  1. Wash,peel and dice beetroot and carrots.
  2. Cut onion into thin slices.
  3. In a pan heat 1/2 tsp oil.Add cumin seeds and garlic flakes and saute.Add the onion and saute.Now add the diced beetroot and carrot and 2 cups of water.
  4. Allow  the water to boil and then simmer till the vegetables are done.Cool and blend it.Add salt and pepper to taste.Serve hot or cold.

September 23, 2010. Tags: , . Soup.


  1. searchingforspice replied:

    Thank you for trying my recipe. I’m glad you managed to find someting you liked and thanks again for the advice.

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