Yummy Eggless Chocolate Cake – made in pressure cooker

The first time I made a cake was last september for my husband’s ( then fiancee ) birthday.Since I didnt have an oven, I googled for some pressure cooker recipes and finally made a chocolate cake. It came out nicely. This year I wanted to improvise and did some icing on the cake and made some other modifications from the original recipe. Well, I bettered myself. The cake came out excellently and the look on hubby dear’s face when I surprised him with the cake was priceless. The writing on the icing was a little clumsy since it was my first time. But we forgot about it after tasting the cake.

I am sending this recipe as an entry to ‘No Bake Cake Event II’ conducted by  Aparna  of Apy cooking.

I am also sending this recipe to Spotlight : Baking without oven conducted bu Indrani of Recipe Junction.

Yummy Eggless Chocolate Cake

Ingredients :

1 1/2 cups refined flour

3/4 tsp baking powder

4 tsp cocoa powder

a pinch of salt

3/4 cup sugar

50 ml refined oil

2 tbsp unsalted butter

handful of raisins

1/2 cup milk

2 tbsp condensed milk ( optional )

For the icing:

50 gms butter

50 gms sugar

2 tsp cocoa powder


  1. Sieve together refined flour, salt, baking powder and cocoa powder and keep aside.
  2. Powder the sugar finely in a mixer and keep aside.
  3. In a vessel mix together refined oil, butter and powdered sugar and beat well.To this add the sieved flour mixture and mix well.Add the raisins and condensed milk and mix again.To this add the milk little by little to adjust the batter to a pouring consistency.Now the cake batter is ready.
  4. Take a pressure cooker ( minimum 3 litres ) and add water to at least 1 inch.Now keep a stand inside the cooker to hold the cake vessel. ( This could be a small bowl or vessel with a flat base.I place a heavy stone inside the holding vessel to prevent it from shaking when the water boils.If the holding vessel shakes it will disturb the shape of the cake. )
  5. Now grease a round vessel ( so that you get a round cake ) with 1/2 tsp of refined oil and dust the surface with refined flour. Now pour the cake batter inside the greased vessel and place it above the holding vessel. ( Select the cake vessel in such a way that the batter fills half the vessel and not more. We need space for the cake to rise )
  6. Close the lid of the cooker and place it on medium flame on stove top without the weight.Allow the cake to steam for 30 minutes.Now open the cooker and allow it to steam without lid for 5 minutes.Now insert a knife to check.The knife should not stick to the cake.If it sticks steam for some more time. Yummy chocolate cake is ready.

Icing method :

  1. For white icing mix equal parts of powdered sugar and butter .
  2. For chocolate icing mix cocoa powder to the butter – powdered sugar mixture.
  3. I used a knife to apply chocolate icing on top and white icing on the sides.Then I filled white icing in a polythene cone for the writing.


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  1. Sudha replied:

    Awesome!!! Came out really well 🙂 I didnt add refined oil. Just butter.

    • hema replied:

      Thank you so much for the feedback Sudha 🙂

  2. srushti replied:

    Was it good without the oil?

  3. malathi replied:

    its really a good recipe ….it came out really good

  4. ashritha replied:

    its yummy my first kitchen recipe came out good …got complimnts as it was my 1st trial in kitchen…thankq

    • hema replied:

      Thank you Ashritha 🙂 Congrats on the success of your first recipe…
      Continue cooking, you will definitely get better 🙂

  5. vanathi replied:

    its really working,…. my hubby impressed when i did this,… thank u so much,….

    • hema replied:

      Thank you Vanathi 🙂
      I am so glad you tried my recipe and your husband was impressed 🙂

  6. Paromita replied:

    you are reaaly doing a good job as it will help us to make chocolate kaes at home for our kids

    • hema replied:

      Thanks a lot, Paromita 🙂

      • Paromita replied:

        Hi Hema,

        I want some recipes for chocolate making at home.on gas stove…. please help….

  7. shweta dhingra replied:

    i wil surely try it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • hema replied:

      Thank you Shweta..Let me know how it comes out!!!

  8. shweta dhingra replied:


  9. deeksha replied:

    thanks hema its really a nice recipe i will surely try it

    • hema replied:

      Thank you Deeksha 🙂 Do let me know how it turns out.Happy cooking…

  10. shweta dhingra replied:

    hey i tried ur receipe it was really good n can u plss add sumthing more diff to icining

    • hema replied:

      Thank You Shweta 🙂
      some other icing- you can try plain powdered sugar,
      you can add cherries or nuts on the butter cream icing…

  11. Vanshika replied:

    Thank you Hema. My family was so happy.

  12. vanshika replied:

    Thanks Hema. I made it on my sister’s b’day and she was so happy to see that cake. The credit goes to you.

  13. Arti patel replied:

    Hi dear i googled and googled but finally ended my search on yr recipe. Yet to try but hope it will turn perfectly. Today evening i m going to try. I will let u know later about my first cake making experience. Thanks. 🙂

  14. Neetoo replied:

    Wow! the recipe seems to be great:) I’ll definitely try this cake on my sister’s birthday:) thank u so much Hema

    • hema replied:

      Thank you Neetoo 🙂 all the best for your cake making ..

  15. Abha replied:

    Just going to try this today for my sister`s birthday… Wish me luck!!!

    • hema replied:

      Best of luck Abha 🙂 Let me know how the cake turns out…

  16. swati garg replied:

    very nice i realy like it

  17. varsha replied:

    thank you so much for putting this recepie i will surely try it on my birthday

  18. kashika replied:

    its nt wrkng yr…:-(…….sponge is nt cmng proply…..pls suggest smthng..

    • hema replied:

      hi Kashika..If you add all the ingredients in the right proportions you should get it right…If not try adding some baking soda to the mix 🙂

  19. Ronaldino Rorez replied:

    thankx ! this meant something for my mom !

  20. Shivi mishra replied:

    2dae s mah dad’s bdae , ur recipe helpd me a lot .. He was suprisd n i cud c d hapines 0n hs face :):)

    • hema replied:

      You are welcome Shivi…I am glad that it worked out great…

  21. pooja replied:

    really gr8 recipie….

  22. muskan replied:

    i think it will come out nicely…………… i have not tried it till now

  23. monika replied:

    hey heya m trying it now …… 🙂 🙂 really excited 🙂 🙂

  24. Mariyam Haany replied:

    Hema i realy wanted to do ur recipe.,but i realy scard to handle with pressure cooker.,can i do this using rice cooker?

    • hema replied:

      I dont think this will work with electric cooker…Try a steamer instead

  25. palak replied:

    i will surely try it now , bt i am nt getting choco powder what to do

    • hema replied:

      Palak You can try without coco powder..you will get a plain cake 🙂

  26. palak replied:

    i mean cocoo powder 🙂

  27. Rashmi replied:

    Its a really nice recipe i tried it on Christmas !!! me and my frends just loved it !! i’m going to make it again on new year !!

    thax hema ji !!

  28. kesavi replied:

    i want vanilla eggless cake..how to prepare that plz tell me

    • hema replied:

      Hi Kesavi, Add 1/2 tsp vanilla essence and omit the cocoa powder…

  29. shubhra replied:

    It is my first time i m going to make a cake .can i add stand for the base and water for the steaming of cake,i have read many comments n impressed by it.pls suggest me can i use the alternatives and what are the procedure.tommorow i ll make the cake in my home. 🙂

    • hema replied:

      Thank you Shubra,You can use a stand instead of a base…And use water for steaming…Follow the steps carefully..
      All the best..

  30. Aditi bishnoi replied:

    Mera cake toh ready ho gaya h mgr usme sugar kam h toh use kese thk kru? Pls help……

    • hema replied:

      Dear Aditi,
      This cake basically is not too sweet. If you want extra sweetness, you can sprinkle powdered sugar on top or top the cake with jam, chocolate sauce or icing(vanilla or chocolate) 🙂

  31. Chandana replied:

    can we use steel vessel for greasing….

    • hema replied:

      yes you can. I used a steel vessel only…

  32. riya replied:

    M gonna try this . . .It will b my first baking . .Gonna make it for someone verrrrryy spcial . . .hopefully it will do d magic . . .Thnkx a lot for such simpl eggless cake recipe

  33. Priya replied:

    It is to tasty cake

  34. Dhanusha replied:

    hi hema,
    I tried out d cake d taste was good but d cake broke into pieces …:( I mean I wasn’t able to do d icing due to d breaking of d cake…

    • hema replied:

      Hi Dhanusha, No problem…sometimes the cake cracks on the top layer, you can slice that layer out and then do the icing..

  35. J replied:

    hi ,, am goin to try ur recipe.just clear my doubt . should i cover d cake vessel also with a lid.

    • hema replied:

      Jspasks, No need to cover the cake vessel with lid..

  36. Mansi replied:

    thanks hema… i have made this cake once and came out to be superb…. no words for it… 🙂 and now again i m going to make this cake for my mum-dad’s 32nd anniversary on friday i.e. 24th may. 🙂 bt i really liked the recipe.. its very easy.

  37. J replied:

    hi hema … thanks for clearing my doubt and i should say this.. this s a nice recipe even beginners could try. i did this cake and came out tasty. mine was not airy like we get in bakery it was cooked but solid packed. y so.?? and can i use rice bran oil?

  38. varsha jain replied:

    i want to try this receipe but i am confussed while cooking the cake we should put the whistle & ring of the cooker or not ? please reply me soon

    • hema replied:

      you should use ring/gasket but not the whistle. It should be steamed…

      • varsha jain replied:

        thank u;i am making it for my 3yrs twins baby . i am sure they r going to like it. thank u once again.

  39. jhanani replied:

    should i refrigerate the cake after icing??

    • hema replied:

      Yes Jhanani, I forgot to mention it…

  40. Preethi Mohan replied:

    i tried the receipe on my second wedding anniversary (today) and it came out pretty good.. thanks for ur receipe and taste is yummy :- Preethi Mohan

  41. pratima pradhan replied:

    awesome cake!thanks for helping me….

  42. sagar replied:

    Hey its cocoa powder or choco powder
    coz i use coconut powder, cake doesnt get black in colour as picture shows.

    • hema replied:

      Hi sagar, it is cocoa powder

  43. aradhana replied:

    i will try to make this……….

  44. mahek singh replied:

    this recipes was very tasty and itis very delesions

  45. mait replied:

    best cake of the world

  46. Neelambari Salvi replied:

    This is d easiest way of cake and I made it today.. I am so happy to tell you that this recipe is d best and turned.out amazing… Thanks a ton..

  47. Brinda Asokan replied:

    Hi Hema, this is Dr. Ashok’s wife. Ashok told me about ur blog and was so much fascinated with this cake especially, he want me to try it soon. What is the advantage of adding egg to the cake? If I want egg, how should i add it?

    • hema replied:

      Hi Brinda,
      Thank you for visiting my blog.
      Yes you can add eggs to the recipe, which will make the cake softer. I have tried with egg too. I added one egg and reduced the oil quantity by half. Plus I added vanilla essence to mask the smell of eggs. Check out the original recipe link in my post. It uses eggs. But I modified the recipe to suit my needs.

  48. Neelambari Bhoge replied:

    Hello mam. I have tried this cake and it turned out amazing. I just wish to ask that can I follow the same recipe If I am taking WHEAT as base. Do I have to include some additions. Please guide me. It would be of great help

    • hema replied:

      Thank you Neelambari, for the feedback. I appreciate that you want to try with whole wheat flour. I tried it with wheat once. It was good, but definitely there is a difference in taste. Wheat flour is denser. So the cake will be more dense and not very fluffy . For starters, you can try with half all purpose flour and half wheat flour, and then try with wheat flour alone.

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